August 1, 2012
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Love knows no bounds.

No age.

No race.

No gender.

Love is strange.

It is beautiful.

It is amazing.

It is human.

Love is everywhere.

On the streets.

In the cracks.

Between the lines.

Love doesn't care.

About your clothes.

About your history.

About your sexuality.

Love doesn't discriminate.

Doesn't hate.

Doesn't sneer.

Doesn't stick up its nose.

Love will hold you.

Will reassure you.

Will lift you up.

Will tell you that you are who you're supposed to be.

Love is hard to find.

Hard to keep.

Hard to feel.

Hard to understand.

Love keeps you living.

Keeps you breathing.

Keeps you moving.

Keeps you on your toes.

Love can strike at any moment.

At any time.

In any way.

Wherever you are,

Love will find you.

Love will inspire you.

Love will get you through your day.

It keeps you writing

And singing

And doing everything you do.

Love multiplies.


Raised by butterflies.

Love sees past lies.

It's what you always wanted.

But it's never what you thought it would be.

It's different in the here and now.

'Cause love is bigger than you and me.

We only have one chance.

One shot at this love.

One lifetime to work it out.

One generation to see it through.

So make your love count.

Don't be left behind

In these times.

It doesn't matter who you are

We all have the right to Love.

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