I'll Never Tell

August 1, 2012
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Cocky eyes that flash so quick
Beaming smile, outstanding wit,
Without a care he reigns reckless everywhere,
Sweet as nectar’s honey
Priceless as a gem,
Nothing else seems to compare
Nearly close to him,
I wish I had the guts to tell
The courage to finally say,
Your name’s been written upon my heart
Since we began talking that day,
Please do not flatter yourself
I can’t help it that I fell,
I’m shy and wanted something more
But I’ll kill you if you tell,
Like a moth to a glimmering flame
Like the moon envies the sun,
Those other guys seem really cool
But you seem like the one,
I mean this very casually
For my feelings can change rapidly,
But you now give me attention
And that’s all I wanted as my pension,
We’re close friends
We’re thick as thieves,
I’m an angel and you’re the devil,
But they say that opposites attract
I want to take it to the next level,
I had my chance, I know I did
And that’s what makes me mad,
I said no instead of yes
But deep down I’m glad I had,
I’m shielding her and shielding him
From all of the paralyzing hatred,
And even I am shielding me
From all the slander inevitably said,
For if I had succumbed to the offer
I might as well be dead
For upon my breast would have to be an “A”
A blemish of scarlet red

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