August 1, 2012
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Grief, it rips through the heart, the soul, and the mind,
Air becomes less as the hurt becomes more,
The pain is everlasting,
Never ceasing,
Like a nightmare,
The world is no longer more,
For the person you loved is loss,
And those who loved the lost,
Are filled with a never ending sadness that may never go away,
Rest in peace they say,
But who can be at peace when they have been ripped apart from what makes them,
Family, a bond that is so strong,
Even can be broken by the cruelness of death,
It strikes in the night,
A blind side, that will make your heart ache forevermore,
They say they have gone to a better place,
The ones we have lost,
But how do they know,
For all we know they are just in the deep dark hole,
Trapped, in a prison box made of wood,
Unsheltered, alone,
My heart is broken, shattered, flawed,
Never to be put together as one again.

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