July 23, 2012
By Anonymous

i walk away slowly
i hear your voice call after me
i try to ignore the pain in your voice
i cant soften up now
need to be cold, or i will crumble
tired of feeling so helpless and weak
i have decided to hurt others...
before they can hurt me
i know i am lost
but i cant do anything about it now
ill just run headfirst into the shadows
stay in the darkness
because then it is easier to lie
i cant admit that i am scared
that shows my weakness
ill just put on my mask and fake it
i wish i was strong enough
to just stop and be myself
but I'm not, i am worthless
i am tired of the tears and pain
i can fake a smile good enough
i can say i am doing just fine
i don't need anyone
i cant be hurt again
i keep my head held high
and take a deep breath
i am a soldier
hardened and experienced by life
i will just go on slowly
repeating this routine
ill be in control a little bit
i will not cry, i refuse
ill be okay
as long as I'm alone
maybe ill trust again someday
someone..i give up
please help me!

The author's comments:
this is how i am feeling. i just want to give up. does anyone out there care?

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