Living in the Moment

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Drunken with the alluring bliss that emanated from such a wondrous moment,

I giggled to myself in a complete beatitude that sent a shocking tingle to my fingertips.

I lived in a moment with a power that gripped my soul with an unbelievable splendor

A moment of such perfection, of such grace, of such grandeur and majesty

A moment unlike any other as I took in its beauty with my being rather than one particular sense

This beautiful moment engulfed me in a delightful daze

It shook me with a sensational stupor that left me there, in this moment, gazing with a smile that grew ever more excessive

Seconds passed by

Minutes, hours

Time seemed insignificant to an experience such as this

An experience such as the warm sun kissing my skin with a motherly embrace

Such as the ground beneath me giving way to something greater

Such as the slight breeze that caressed my hair with loving fingers

As the delicate oleanders played with one another and sent a few kisses my way

This moment

This wonderful, marvelous moment lived in me as a growing child lives in his mother's heart.

As it grew

As it became stronger

My love for it multiplied with a limit greater than one could ever perceive.

This moment

My moment

Of bliss, of purity, of mystery, of a sensational, opulent combination of grace and splendor

That encompassed me in an apparitional joy that one could never desire to describe with mere words

A moment so passionate, so marvelous, so stupendous

A moment that ripped part of my being away and took its place

A moment that changed this being forever

A moment that replaced this soul

My soul

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