Left in the Dark

August 2, 2012
By XflyXaway95 SILVER, Neptune Township, New Jersey
XflyXaway95 SILVER, Neptune Township, New Jersey
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Left in the dark
As shadows bear faces with twisted smiles
Loneliness leaves a company unwanted
The wind leaves a mist of secrecy
With nothing but my mind; my tears
No voice; no strength
As bodiless whispers echo through the room
A darkness so empty, so cold
A darkness so sinister it leaves evil with frightened intimidation
Shadows grow larger
Faces twist to evil shapes with evil smiles
Taunting whispers from the secretive wind
A darkness alive
A darkness thick with the weight of silence
Of nothing really there
Yet I can still hear the whispers
I can still see the demons
I can still feel the presence of the unwanted company
Left in the dark
As I slowly go insane

The author's comments:
I wear glasses so when I take them off to go to bed at night all I can really see is blurry, demented shapes. Thought it would be something fun to write about :)

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