Nature, Country, Peace, Sunset and Night time

July 15, 2012
By Cassie15 SILVER, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Cassie15 SILVER, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
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Sun sets
River flows
Beautiful hues of pinks and oranges
Wind blowing
Stars come out
Moon shines brightly

The view I imagine I had
Mountains and horses to the North
Cattle to the South
The smell of fresh cut hay
Watching the sun set
Across the road between the trees

Pasture behind white fences
Running out to feel peaceful
Laying on a hay bale
Noiseless except for nature
Looking up at the moon
Shining so brightly

Time to regroup
Time to get away
Though it's not 50 feet to the door
Feeling like it's only me there
Reconnecting with myself
Staying in that spot for hours

Going back to the pasture
Just to run free
Free of all worries
Ending up at my huge tree
Climbing it to get a better view
Nothing can compare to this

8pm the stars are out
Just a little while longer
Laying down and looking up
Going inside to bed feeling
As if I've found myself again
Happy and safe

My view
My palace
My family
My spots
My sunset
My home

The author's comments:
The sun set, moon, hay bales and everything about my old home. The views and peacefulness I would get just from being away from it all while being in the yard or the pasture behind the house. I miss it all. Now at my new house I pretend I'm back at my old house.

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