July 14, 2012
By roraroar SILVER, Frenchtown, Montana
roraroar SILVER, Frenchtown, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
"The poets leave hell and again behold the stars."

I made a stay at the palace of pills
A kingdom of infected minds
A cobweb of legless spiders
A world where the voices are mine

The people were walking on one leg
We were prisoners of our own wars
I was looking out the window
But there weren’t windows anymore

I did as I was told
Because a good girl takes her drugs
I forgot about the false hope
And supercilious hugs
The ice scream men were washing minds
Untying nooses and breaking binds
Our marks had to be contained
Because numbness always precludes pain

Near the end we could see the sky
That’s when we realized our hands were tied
Because happiness was just a lie

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