Why I Can't Help You

July 30, 2012
By Anonymous

Stop throwing me your problems,
Thinking I can fix them,
I can't fix my own problems,
How am I to fix yours?
I can't fix my mom being addicted to drugs,
I can't fix her not being able to get a job,
I can't fix her not being able to afford a home for her family,
I can't fix having to be put into foster care because of her,
I can't fix being seperated from my sister,
I can't fix only being able to see her once every 2 months,
I can't fix the times I'm up all night crying,
Wanting them back,
After all she's done,
And I don't care,
I'd do anything for her,
And she did nothing for me,
Now do you see why I can't help you?

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