as bare as god made her

July 30, 2012
By molo721 GOLD, Hendersonville, North Carolina
molo721 GOLD, Hendersonville, North Carolina
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Outside wind hit the window hard
there was cracking, howling
it was the kind of frozen wind that made cheeks into numb, un-human parts,
his skin next to hers made him feel pale weak disoriented
her bare breastbone rose and fell in her sleep
a sheet of straight metal rattling as she fills it with air
her hands were tucked close to her face, as bare as god made them
she, beauty and power, never wore jewelry
others smothered with jewels and metals
but not her
her bare plane of breast bone and her little wrists were already complete and she knew
he hated himself for waking up hours before she
so it happened every time
hatred grew each day when she was asleep yet he stared at her, knowing
she and he were not to be
the blonde hair dazed his mind in the early hours
the blonde so unlike this constant, this safe, tanned human sleeping next to him
his whole being protecting the vulnerable breathing from shrieks rain blood hatred pain
and he failing
all the while the blonde, so steady, fogging the room
filling the room so that he could see nothing in front of him, blind
only to hear the shallow breath of the inexorable female figure curled in his arms

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