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How I Feel About You

July 30, 2012
By HaleyD15 SILVER, Simsbury, Connecticut
HaleyD15 SILVER, Simsbury, Connecticut
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I don’t know how it turned into this
You stole my heart with one simple kiss
A swing in your step, a glimmer in your eye
I knew it was time to try
Forgot those bad feelings and threw them away
Let myself fall into the dreamy days
I didn’t want to catch myself, not this time
I knew you weren’t like the others who were unkind
You talked and I listened
We gave each other our limited time
Paranoid was I, afraid on the inside
But you stepped into my darkness
And dragged the demons from my mind
Free from neglect and free from myself
I needed to see what more you could do
You were new and I was old
We shared all of our stories, even forgotten ones were told
I knew I could trust you and you'd be the one
You're a blazing ray of light, yet I can't take my eyes off the sun

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