A River of Beauty

July 30, 2012
she thought maybe
if she could write something
that sounded like beauty
that flowed like a river
maybe he would love her

so she sat in her room for hours
and wrote endless strings of words
on endless pieces of paper
but nothing she wrote
sounded like beauty
nothing she wrote
flowed like a river

she tried to write poetry
a song with a melody
she tried to write a story
with love as the theme
she even tried to write a haiku
5 - 7- 5
but nothing she wrote
sounded like beauty
nor flowed like a river

but every time she left him
every time she was alone
she heard his voice in her memory
saying three words over and over again
and she finally understood

she didn’t need to write a poem
or a song
or a sotry
definitely not a haiku

all she had to do
was write three simple words
that sounded like beauty
and flowed like a river

I love you

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