Broken Body, Unbroken Mind

July 29, 2012
Fifteen lashes of the cat
Rolling over my back
Unbroken after all this time
Spirit and Soul, the enduring life
Break my body all you want
Unbroken Spirit, unbroken mind

Red steel upon my legs
Whiteouts avoided
Endurance preventing begs
Neither pleas nor wails
No sound from these lips of mine
Endurance of Spirit, was once a joke

Nails in my hands
Spikes in my arms
Never feeling the harm
Attempts at breaking failing fast
Holding on for relief at last
Endurance unrivaled, tolerance unparalleled

Once a joke among my friends
Now feared and avoided
Respect and awe upon their eyes
Once broken in body, but never in mind
Shattered bones taking the blows
Meant for the soul meant for the mind

Endurance of Spirit, once a ship
No longer an object
Ascending to urban myth
Though healing pains
Through links both physical and mental
Never broken, never cried

Now left for the hounds of time

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