The Never Ending War

July 28, 2012
By Anonymous

Fighting for perfection is a grueling war.
It scratches, claws, pulls and taunts you
Until you finally give in and begin the fight for it.
Once your in the war it dances delicately in front of you
And then just when you’re about to reach it
Perfection sprints off into the distance and leaves you fighting to keep up.
Breathless, broken and afraid
Perfection leaves you standing alone.
It’s pushed away all your family, friends and any one that might have cared.
It tells you that war can only fought by you and time after time you believe it
Pushing yourself to train harder, eat less
Hoping more and more each time that maybe, just maybe
This time you’ll be good enough to reach it.
Your so close, you think.
This will be the time, you say.
You try, and fight
But once again perfection is gone
Laughing at your seemingly pathetic attempts.
The war never ends.
Round after round.
The gunshots of perfection are too loud to ignore.
Time after time you go back to battle.
And lose desperately and become filled with “if only” thoughts
If only I ran faster.
If only I ate less.
If I only I worked harder.
This time will be it
And the battle begins again.
Is there an escape?
A way out?
Maybe winnings not the way.
Maybe the point is to find a way out.
A way to deal.

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