Stuck Together

July 28, 2012
By Anonymous

I’m like a snowflake
Tiny and insignificant on my own
But caught up in bigger, swirling, more complex picture.
I drift along and float to where the wind blows me
I’m to weak to fight back.
I don’t have the backbone to choose my direction
I fall to the ground and quickly become covered by other snowflakes
All too busy finding their own way to notice me.
Red nosed children dance merrily in the quickly amounting snow
Neighboring flakes are scooped up and thrown across the yard.
Soon I feel my self being picked up, packed and punched in to the perfect ball
And though I want to resist I’m no match for the heavy hands that hold me.
I’m flung across the snow blanketed yard
For those few seconds I’m flying I feel no fear.
The speed is to great for my mind to create worries
The worry free feeling creates one of infinity
Until I crash into another child
The once perfect ball crumbles quickly to ground and is left behind
To deal with the wreckage
The fall from infinity
I’m on the ground
Sad and alone
Feeling like no one could care less about my spot in the world
Until I feel another snowflake stick to me
And then another
And another.
More and more begin sticking
And soon the blanket of snow starts to rise
We reach a foot deep
And I feel something else.
Alone its so hard to see what you can contribute
But what happens when many come together
Can change everything.
A whole new picture is made
And what once seemed like tiny, insignificant snow flakes became an unstoppable blizzard.
And that though that flake was tiny,
After that moment it never felt insignificant again.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was going through a tough time. I'm not sure how good it is but it just feels great to write when I'm in a tough spot. I wrote it pretty much how I was feeling, so hopefully people will see that.

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