The Devil's Trade

July 28, 2012
By Winter23 BRONZE, Thane, Other
Winter23 BRONZE, Thane, Other
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From across the waters hailed a ship,
mighty and proud, mystic and looming,
through dark waters and through wild storms,
it sailed to the shores, unscathed.

the dwellers of the land were bemused,
their silent and peaceful sleep abused,
"Why has this ship tread upon our lands?
At dawn washed upon our sands?"

A stout sailor descended from the ship,
"We come to trade, summon your chief"
old and grey, walked in the chief
and to the sailor, he nodded and said,
"Oh folk of the sea! I understand that you wish to trade
we would bask a barter
but one sly attempt at deception
and i shall order your procession"

So trade began the very instance,
future of the dwellers never looked so gay,
for carts of gold,
were traded with modest boxes of hay!

The foolish dwellers traded unsuspectingly,
not one soul did raise an eyebrow,
everyone was in a world of ecstasy,
free of all troublesome misery.

That day as the horizons grew darker,
none among the dwellers grew more wise,
as they were unknown to the inevitability,
that soon followed their demise.

The trade was a bluff,
as the tricked soon came to know,
To the hands of the evil disguised,
were they going to bow.

That night the truth surfaced,
And the dwellers grew pale white with fear,
for the sailors were serving the devils,
and were unearthly creatures for themselves.

An eldritch screech surfaced,
tickled down the befooled spine,
the traders took their true form,
it was their time to dine.

people ran for their lives,
horrified, attempting to escape,
but wrath of the devil,
had covered the whole landscape.

first the chief was killed,
then random killings commenced,
blood of every mortal,
the bloodsick demons sensed.

no escape there was,
there was no escape,
from the moonlit shadow of evil,
that covered the whole landscape.

by dawn there was silence,
not one was spared,
and the grin of the evil,
had the devil's teeth bared.

the fiends regained their disguise,
embarked upon their ship at day,
set sail in the cold waters,
in search for their next prey...

The author's comments:
The British rule on India is what inspired me to write this poem...

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