Pain inside me

July 23, 2012
By , clinton, IA
The pain, it never goes away.
It stays around looking for ways to knock you down.
You pick yourself up but your courage is thin, knowing the memories will somehow haunt you again.
Your heart feels burning, you only wish you could tell someone how much your really hurting.
Dead inside but smiling on the out, praying only the right people can truly figure you out.
You pray for the sun but all you see are clouds, you feel as if you'll never get better somehow.
You want to feel good but no one understands,
you ask god, "how the hell is this my plan?".
Now doubtful of the existence of heaven you try to carry on
hoping someday you'll be able to just be gone.
The wounds are deep, they wont heal.
The crying inside you is all to real.
You die everyday from faking a smile.
Just hoping someday, you'll be exiled.

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