July 23, 2012
The leaf dances with the wind as the surroundings all grow shy.
It drowns in the strength of the snow fiercely wandering by.
The dominant snow loses its strength and eventually turns to tears.
And the sun will make itself unhidden when crying is all it hears.

The relationships of the seasons we sadly all mistook.
We all chose to learn of them from a couple measly books.
If one paid more attention to the seasons that they live.
We would learn all their facts and a lesson they all give.

Leaves have an affair with the wind, making the trees so sad.
But the vulnerability of the tree’s emotions makes them all go mad.
What lingers around the season Fall is that backstabbing chill.
It ends with revenge bursting out, given the tree’s will.

Winter is that sweet revenge the trees get on the leaves.
The snow covers them all and departs the lonely breeze.
The revengeful feeling eventually turns into sympathy.
And the surroundings start melting for a place more healthy.

The trees apologize for their manner with flowers and with tears.
For they never thought harm could be triggered by their fears.
And with that the trees and the leaves happily reunited.
And they both couldn’t have been at all more delighted.

With all that was forgiven, light was shown within all hearts.
And the next season was warm for all who were apart.
This story shows the main emotions our world does today.
And the seasons repeat their story so our minds won’t go astray.

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