July 23, 2012
By JustA BRONZE, Baltimore Ct, Maryland
JustA BRONZE, Baltimore Ct, Maryland
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Whith great power, comes great responsibilty

Could it be that I'm cocky. Could it be

that arrogance is the key to society.I mean you're

the motivation for yourselves. Growing, you shell prevail

and conquer what you see. That’s not being arrogant. Only because what you seek may be out of

your reach. But that's not arrogance. You have ambition and self interest.Not to mention potential.

Arrogance does not fit in that category. People should accept people of your kind

People shall keep your legacy in mind. so shall I.It's hard speaking from the hear sometimes. But...

maybe it's because of my arrogance.Maybe I never knew how to speak from the heart until now.

But now that I met you. My arrogance is no where to be found.I'm sorry for what I did.And I'm sorry

for what I said. But I lost a lot in the past, and certain things can't be re-done. Arrogance is a hateful

word. But now I know that it is my arrogance.And I'm proud that you made me realize.

The author's comments:
At a particular part of my life. Arrogance was a constant reminder of who I am as black teen living in America.But lately someone aroused me.And made me believe that arrogance is not something to be ashamed of.Arrogance is something you should be proud of.And I'm very happy that, the special person who used to be in my life made me realize.

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