9/11 In Your Eyes

July 24, 2012
By Anonymous

On a regular day, just like today
On your bed, you still lay
You get up, and go to work
You count every step, just one of your quirks

You sit down, six minutes early
You hear a faint droning, a low plane surely
Then comes a crash, and you hear screaming
Your coffee’s in your lap, hot and steaming

A fire erupts, you try and get out
People are beginning to scream and shout
What’s going on? You trip and fall
Crawling through broken glass, seeing crumbling walls

You try to stand up, but you trip again
And this time fall out the window, below you see men
A horrific fall, hundreds of feet
You fall through a fire, roasted in the heat

All you ever wanted, all your hopes and dreams
Your entire life is ripping apart at its seams
When will it end, when will you die
When will you hit the ground, why God why?

You feel a sharp pain, then peaceful bliss
It’s over, all over, you rise in a mist
All the pain is gone, you are finally dead
Now you wait for your family, to also be relieved of their dread

Now we remember, what you have done
What you have sacrificed, why would you run?
Because all life is precious
Each and every one

The author's comments:
My first try in second person

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