July 24, 2012
By emmiknox BRONZE, Oil City, Pennsylvania
emmiknox BRONZE, Oil City, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Life moves pretty fast, if you dont stop and look around every once in a while; you could miss it." ~Ferris Beuller

It's pain
It's despair
It's something we all have had in common
The truth...
And lies...
We can never find
I feel abused
Neglected with...
And sometimes I feel...
Ashamed that this is happening to me...
Happening to us...
What is this feeling?
This dark desperate feeling?
That all you want to do is find a way out of this
We need a miracle
This is happening everyday
Every minute of every hour
Constantly being beaten
I'm too scared to say something
I'm speechless
I want to do something but I feel as if I am being held back
And you wonder to yourself...
What should I do to stop this madness?
I have had it
Enough is Enough
Take a stand and be the voice that is to be heard
Tell a friend...
A teacher...
Or even a grown up or two
No one deserves to be treated this way
It's wrong
It's cruel
This must end before it's too late
Just by talking to someone you can make a difference
Who cares what everyone else thinks
Take a stand
Stop bullying

The author's comments:
People who have been victims of bullying have inspired me to write this poem. I too was a victim of bullying. This inspired others so much when I read it out loud to my entire junior class, so many brought out their feelings and realized bullying is a serious problem that needs to be taken care of.

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