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July 25, 2012
By LoveAndHateMakeLife GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
LoveAndHateMakeLife GOLD, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
"If life ain't just a joke, then why am I laughing?!"

Lets swim in the clouds

of solitude.

Lets eat the flesh

of our pain.

Lets run into a speeding car

so we can experience fun.

Lets lick the surface

of our confusing thoughts.

Lets make the mermaid

fall in love.

Lets scream at the moon

for abandoning the sun.

Lets not eat at all

and brag about our skinny bones.

Lets write about the possibility

of magic.

Lets smoke the oxygen

and never ever get high.

Lets laugh at the face

that made us happy.

Lets pretend to be vampires

and scare the kids to death.

Lets seduce the ghost

so we can discover the secret of invisibility.

Lets strangle the ones

who are already dead.

Lets paint the walls with our own blood

to save money.

Lets drink a cup of death

and be pleased with its bitter taste.

Lets hold hands tightly

when we watch the stars burst and die.

Lets convince the ocean

to become our faithful servant.

Lets burn the moon

and make the sun shiver.

Lets make a short film about love

that involves blood and guts.

Lets scare the night away

while scarfing down ancient stories.

Lets buy a gorgeous dragon

and burn the ones that told us not to.

Lets drown in the rain

of ignorance.

Lets float in the leaves

of wisdom.

Lets capture the moment

in a jar.

Lets ignore the sparks

that are coming from their blue eyes.

Lets destroy the statues

of history and nonsense.

Lets believe

again, and again...


The author's comments:
A nonsense peice of work... Just how I like 'em

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