Her Beauty

July 25, 2012
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I stare at her beauty.
Her long, sleek mane waves in the wind
As her lean body,
Wrapped in black hair
Shines in the sunlight.
She is irresistible and
I love her.
She is like a rose growing from a gaping crack in the sidewalk,
The most appealing horse in this captive home
And I love her
I whinny at her and she returns the favor.
She walks up to me and strokes her head on mine and
She loves me
Our love is pure
And whole.
Leaves fall hopelessly from the orange trees
On a cool, cloudy day
The zookeeper lacerates my love with a thin whip
And commands her to stand in the small corner
Of our already small home.
Then I am chained up against my will.
A week passed by, full of hopeful glances and sighs.
They have built a caged fence between us
Yet our love is pure and
We are finally set loose.
We gallop to the wall and gawk through the fissures
Staring each other in the eyes.
The zookeeper fetches a male horse for each of us,
The horses we are alleged to love.
But I cannot live without her and
She cannot live without me.
We stand gazing at each other.
We bow our heads
To show our love through the tall, stiff wall
The studs try to smother us in their love,
But I love her and she loves me
Two female horses in love
Forever it shall be

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