July 25, 2012
By guardingmyheart BRONZE, St.charles, Missouri
guardingmyheart BRONZE, St.charles, Missouri
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Please don't leave,
I know you're in pain.
There's blood on your sleeve,
But nobody to blame.

I sit by your bed,
You're starting to die.
I drop my head
and begin to cry.

I hold your hand,
But you pull away.
I understand
that the pain wont fade.

Normal breaths you lack,
As I cry with you.
The cancer came back,
Your lips turning blue.

Nothing I can do,
you're hurting so badly.
I say I love you
I'm sitting here sadly.

Daddy died with thomas,
My older brother.
Now I'm losing you,
My loving mother.

The car wreck took them,
and cancers taking you.
my future looks grim,
What am I to do?

You look at me
Unable to speak
And wipe the tear
away from my cheek.

The room is cold
The hall is quite
I was just told
There's noway you can fight it.

Your hand let go
Your eyes are still
Cancer your foe
You lost your will

So broken now
That I cannot speak
You were barried by daddy
The following week.

You all loved me
And I love you still
But I must go on living
it is gods will.

I still go on living
but nothings the same
Every breath that I take
Brings me much shame.

Together forever
someday we will be
Mama and daddy
Tommy and me.

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