Avenues of Summer

July 28, 2012
By , Bristol, United Kingdom
A magpie glints across the road. It squawk
Reflects a sudden flash of cobalt. Its
Beady eyes dart left, right and the blue of
The feathers break my monochrome world.

I step out, the vague steam of the mirage
Misting over my eyes, creating a
Dim haze. I faintly see Merry House as
My destination. Girls, Science, Music.

Everything is enshrouded in summer.
The blatant heat hugs my face, dragging out
The smoky, pungent aroma of bare sweat.
Bubbles of evaporation plague my

Brain fluids. The people who I meet are
All superficial, subliminal.
They flash girly watches, smile fake
Flirtatious smiles. They hide porcine hearts.

The magpie lands, escaping the roar of a car.
It lifts up dust, heat and steam. The flowers
Catch the dust and wallow, contemplating
Salvation. Life is forsaken.I walk.

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