July 26, 2012
By , Baltimore ct, MD
I'm tired of walking these long miles.

Not knowing where my destination will be

having to fight like a barbarian and act like one too,

having to slip through and under mossy trees disguise myself as a thief

and try to act like I'm happy.somebody Please tap me or slap me to wake me up from this nightmare.

Only if I was in a nightmare, that would be a crucial choice.Do I have too act like I'm an animal.

Do I have to be something I'm not, just to fit in to society.I don't care if I'm an outsider.

I don't care if I have to take a shower in the water falls.If running away from this destruction is

going to help me find myself. Then I shall run.I shall run in through the dark and dawn

to find the heart that I know is beating in me.To find my wisdom and courage.To find out who is this boy

that's walking alone.I don't know where fate may take me.I can't decide where or what I want to be

when I'm finished with my journey.As long as I find who I am, that’s all that matter.And walking alone

may be difficult. But it's surely worth it.

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