You, You, and You

July 26, 2012
By milk-lust BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
milk-lust BRONZE, Arlington, Virginia
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I have this craving for you.
I crave for your skin to touch my skin.
I still remember your lips against my wrist,
Your lips against mine,
Your lips pressing hot kisses onto my neck.

I close my eyes and for a moment you’re still there.
You’re everywhere.

We’re lying in bed,
The sheets are twisted,
I’m lying on my stomach,
You’re lying on your back.
I see your hand move closer,
I feel your hand running up my back.
Your hands are lightly calloused,
But warm and gentle nonetheless.
You reach over,
press a sweet kiss to my shoulder,
and I smile.

Everything is bliss.
I open my eyes again.

I’m lying in bed,
The sheets are twisted.
I’m lying on my stomach,
And I feel my hand reach over to your side.
It hits nothing but emptiness.

You’re not here anymore.
I close my eyes again.
I want to back to that dream.
I want to go back to that part of my life,
Where you are everywhere,
Where you are my whole world.

Now you are nowhere.

Where did you go?
I miss the smell of you on my pillow,
Your sweater that keeps me warm,
Your hands that roam my skin,
That smile that gives me butterflies,
And that energy that gives me will.

It is times like these when my heart still skips a beat,
When I think of you.

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