Music in My Soul

July 26, 2012
By Deep_Abyss... SILVER, Boling, Texas
Deep_Abyss... SILVER, Boling, Texas
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Music oh music in my soul
Come and flow out from within
Sing the words of my heart
Speak the truth of my soul
Inspire my mind to go beyond what is known

Music Oh music in my soul
You grip my heart and give it a new beat
You make the flowof my inner being, swim in a vast sea, as if swaying in the palm of the Creator's hands...

Music Oh music in my soul
You've captured me
You have truly captivated me
You take control of my whole body
You consume me like the gentle, yet powerful whispers of the wind And you warm me from the inside out like the blessed sun on a cold winter's day...

Music Oh music in my soul
how you soothe me
how you console me in my times of need, like a father does to their frightened child, like a mother does when her child is in pain

Music Oh music in my soul Oh how terribly grief-stricken would one be
to have thee taken away,
to be stripped of such a wonder, such a beauty...
"If music be the food of Love,"
I Dare say, "Play On!"

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