the rolling hour

July 26, 2012
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The hour spent every mourning, every day
Rolling on the roads heading every way
Passing all the shadows by
We sigh

We sigh as we watch and stare
Watching in sympathy
As if we really cared
We blow

We blow the smoke in the air
Waiting for the destined wheels
Hoping they’d lead us to a better life
Yet and still the shadows watch as we roll
And the people heal on the wheels as we go

They sit, smile, talk about their past
Telling their hopes and prayers that today can’t be their last
Leaping on an act of faith that life gets better
Like a sent messenger with no letter
We leap

We leap onto something better
Hoping it'll soon be a happy memory that we can keep
That one day we’ll be off these wheels and on to our own.
Suffering together, but indulging in the gifts all alone.
The minutes go

The minutes go on and on
As the wheels roll on and on
Till all time is gone
People who ride these wheels were once lost in one way,
But now striving for a better day.
We strive

We strive to ceist in being these broken souls
Hurt and downed by worries
And a world so sour
Our destination is better life
On the rolling hour.

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