July 18, 2012
By accepttheloveyoudeserve BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
accepttheloveyoudeserve BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I sit and stare out of the car window
Watching the trees morph into green blurs
As the car speeds on
I’m feeling nothing
Beholden to nowhere, to nobody

In the beginning, life seemed like the most perfect miracle
The songbirds sweetly serenaded, the sun shined brightly down upon us
But as time passes, life chips away at our emotions
Until it is easier to feel nothing at all

I never wanted to be this way, to feel empty
But life has given me no choice.
It is simpler not to resist the temptation of true freedom, where
No one can make you feel or do or say or be anything
Because nothing really matters.

The author's comments:
If you couldn't already tell, this is a piece on depression. I wanted to write from the mindset of a depressed person to see what it would feel like, and what I came up with was nothing. Some think depression means sadness, others anger, still others hatred, but true depression is solely emptiness. You feel nothing.
This is a fictional poem.

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