And That's How We Got Protestants

July 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Brothers and Sisters—

the pray-ers cleaned out like the jews, presented with jehova [the first four letter word to be too sacred to sound out loud]
the pray-ers cleaned out for a god who called down lucifer to shoot down customers and corrupt souls
the pray-ers, holding up their idle hands and folding up their father’s plans, cleaned out through the rivers that run riddled with souls corrupted by lucifer
-selling their skin and skinning their pride and cleaning out like the Sinai river running riddled with souls claimed by Moses
and Moses’s master plan
and Moses’s master plan is lying, leftover after the lynching of the Jesus- the Jesus who was forgotten.
the Jesus who was forgotten. the Jesus whose father was Jehova [the first four-letter word to be too sacred to sound out loud.]
The Jesus who cleaned out, like the pray-ers who grew in Gethsemane, like growers growing thoughts of Judaism in the bed of Jehova- witness to all that came before and all that will be leftover after the lynching of the pray-ers
the pray-ers who will clean out like disease,
soiling the bed of Jehova
and boiling ideas in the head of Iota—the mountain growing inside Sinai sliding alongside the ideas of the forgotten,
plagued with play-ers pretending to be pray-ers
at the feet of dragon slayers delaying by praying to lucifer and studying the lives of Lucy, her whose hanging head sang like soiled hair laying in the sweat of her wedding bed
who folded her hands for praying for forgiveness for consumption though
consumed by consummation which, constipating her meditation, left her lying in the sweat of her wedding bed too many nights before she wed,
which hanged her consternated Confirmation before the almighty congregation had a chance to hear her explanation, and thereby leaving her lying in the bittersweet sweat of a catholic condemnation called ex-communication…
which came long before the lynching
which freed her from fleeing like the feeble-minded-souls swimming through a split- water-rover, relieving them from persecution but re-learning them with mercy and execution
and all this
not too long before the crucifixion of the forgotten christ.
not too long before the pray-ers cleaned out to seek a god who would shoot down lucifer without shooting down Lucy and her addiction to choosing loosely her views and using loosely four letter words too sacred to sound out loud
four-lettered figures forgetting to lynch lucifer for forgetting to lynch customers who forgot to shop for Jesus and chose not to sell their sins, customers distraught over free market freedoms which crucify checkbooks and nail down bargain barters but forget to consider the freedom in the forgotten Christ.
christ who considered christianity a vocation from insanity, vacating from normality to the islands of Islam, to sea! the silence of his son on the wide-screen waters of the 21st century
these get-a-ways for salesmen who sail away to sell their sins in exchange for
friendships shipping out from shouldered mediation acquitted for censoring customer service evaluations sentenced to contemplate eternal damnation vs the forgotten iota of salvation

can i get an Amen?

The author's comments:
This piece may be misinterpreted, something i hope does not happen; the object of this piece is not an offensive notion by any means. The piece simply aims at the history behind the evolution of the church and its members.

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