July 7, 2012
By Ahale GOLD, Scottsville, Virginia
Ahale GOLD, Scottsville, Virginia
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The future is unwritten. Yet, authored by the past. Our choices create what is soon to come, from our past to future. We cannot see the future, but dwelling on the past will strand us. Wait in the present until Present becomes past and future, present

The problem is hard but solutions aren't so simple, you were always on guard with no haven, no temple. Your spirit was broken as if destined to fail, it shattered your heart like iron hail. I had to go, I couldn't stay, I'm sorry i left you but there was no other way. The sun sets another day, but everything is still a shade of gray, no one has breath for words to say. The moon shows the scars we cant see because each scratch if copied eternally. I cant play God, I wont control life, I don't want to be the reason you raised a knife. I cant lead out of darkness with eyes that don't see, I'm not strong enough to be all that you need me to be. To go back is the problem as complex as it may be, the solution is unthinkable because you cant run if you cant even see.

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