If I had to Count

July 23, 2012
By Anonymous

If I had to count every tear I shed for you,
I'd count the drops of water in the oceans blue.
If I had to count every time you broke my heart I'd count the distance from the heavens to the earth,which is more than a million miles apart.
If I had to count every time I claimed I hated you,
I'd pick a thousand roses and count their morning dew.
And if I had to count the number of times I wished you ill for doing me wrong,
I'd have to accomplish the feat of turning a game into a song.
So I guess what I have to do now is pick up the pieces of my heart and move on,
Because there is always time to fall in love again since I'm young.
But even if I fall in love a thousand times more you'll always be my first,
I don't even know if falling for you was a blessing or a curse.
But I wish you well on your future endeavors,
Until the world ends and crumbles forever,
So I'll be counting the hours and years until that day
That you die and I never again have to see your face.

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