letting go

July 23, 2012
By murkymurk GOLD, Miami, Florida
murkymurk GOLD, Miami, Florida
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I want to click myself into your soul, become you
just for a second,
just for a second
I want to tear off your clothes, so that I can unzip your skin and crawl inside
I know there's room in there for me, just squeeze between your lungs until I take your breath away.
You need enough air for two now.
I want to make you cry my tears
I want my blood to flow through you
I want my heart to beat, thu-thump under your breast until you feel what I feel
I want to live off you, with you, as you
just for a second I promise
You won't even know I'm there, I promise
It'll be just a quick pinch when I leave and I'll even cradle your head in my lap until the bleeding stops I promise
And don't worry
time heals all wounds, scar tissue doesn't hurt forever
If you never let people in you'll never learn how to heal when you have to let them go

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