July 22, 2012
By Anonymous

Why did you leave me,
Abandoned and so young.
I can't figure it out,
What I could have done.
Every possibility runs through my mind, I wish I could see it,
I feel so blind.
"It wasn't you, It was me,"
Was a line that was said,
It just keeps replaying
over and over in my numb head.
I keep feeding myself excuses of why you're gone. Feeling sad and confused inside, but acting as if I'm strong.
If I finally met you, I wonder what I'd say. I wish you never left, or it might rain today. No matter what, I'm still your child,
And I hope you forgive me for not being ideal. I must admit, I am pretty wild. Maybe one day, we will finally meet. Then you wouldn't be a stranger if we ran into each other on the street

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