The world is my classroom

July 22, 2012
If the world was a classroom, what would you teach a girl
Math, reading, arithmetic?, no I’d give it another twirl
Morals in the world are lacking and almost everyone can see that
People who should be friends are stabbing each other in the back
Look at events like the Holocaust, they said millions died
They also said it could never happen again, but that is just a lie
If Countries don’t start working together then what is left
But countries that are broken up forming their very own sect
Harsh countries are forcing their people to live under harsh rule
They force their people to obey and treat them very cruel
Listen girl, and listen well about what i have to say to you
Maybe world peace isn’t possible, but there is something that you can do
Try once a day to go beyond and above
To show someone is this world that they are loved
Because once that person feels love, they will want it to spread
That kid you shared your water with, maybe he might share his bread
And maybe he won’t and will tell you to leave him alone in a rather mean fashion
But at least you can say the world was my classroom and what I learned was compassion

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