July 22, 2012
By HeartandSoulequalsInspiration GOLD, Peotone, Illinois
HeartandSoulequalsInspiration GOLD, Peotone, Illinois
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One moment
Four little words
But they make all the difference
Four little words
That’s all it takes
To put ones soul out there
To open ones heart
Is a terrible burden
To keep it closed
A self-defying feat
Emotions bubble
They tie the tongue
As you ready yourself to speak
Just four simple words
Now stiflingly dumb
You stand bereft
And try to find adjectives that describe
Perfectly how you feel
But they don’t come
So in the end you just accept
Those five pure syllables
And hope with every hope availed to you
That the message comes out coherently
The worst part though comes after the declaration
The writhing struggle of anticipation
And longing
The blissful hope of loves returned embrace
The crippling despair of triumph withheld.
Nothing is known for sure
Unless someone responds with an honest answer
And when you do I pray you speak those same undying words
That I confessed on that night in a busy crowded room
“Darling I love you”

The author's comments:
To be in love is a heart pounding experience, To confess ones love to another a moment of pure courage.

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