July 22, 2012
By M.Sulli BRONZE, Little Rock, Arkansas
M.Sulli BRONZE, Little Rock, Arkansas
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They're meaningless expressions. Symbols for emotions and objects that have much more value then the objects they represent. Words are like politicians- dumb and overpaid with too much power over humanity. I call you stupid, a symbol of an abstract thought, and your mind fixates on it. You begin to change. Because of 7 letters strung together on a string of emotion, your mood has changed. Words hold too much power. They're Letters. Curved lines stuck together to form a symbol of a sound which when placed together creates an emblem of an object or feeling. Words are everything to society. Communication, expression, entertainment. But they’re also our downfall. Words start wars that depend on the speechless to fight them. Words are the smartest invention of humanity, yet we become so intwined within the curves and strokes that our own strings of sentences have choked us-leaving us in a persistnt state of unhappiness. Maybe this made no sense. But it was all just words anyway.

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