The Place Where the Water Meets the Sky

July 21, 2012
My feet ungracefully pull at the grained floor
At a hurried speed that is meant to look unhurried
Finally my toes are shocked with icy frigidness
I pause for a moment
Gathering my bearings
And plunge deeper into the never-ending blue
My legs carry me deeper and deeper
The coldness tickles my stomach
As the frothy water climbs up and up
Now I see my golden opportunity
Faced with a liquid wall and
I dive under and brace myself for the nerve-shocking chill
I come up with an exhilarated gasp
Finally feeling the stinging cold ebb to warmth
I smile, not of my own accord
I glance back at my family on the sand
So close, but in a completely different world
The current tugs me
And I’m tempted to just give in to it
And let it carry me to where it will
Yet, by a force engineered in me since I was young
I fight it, struggling against nature to stay put
I sneak another peek at land
Just to make sure they can survive without me a little while
I let my façade go as I stare into the ocean
I see bigger, stronger waves out deeper
Calling, inviting me to join
My grin is back
I can’t help it
I dive in and swim a little farther
Heading to the place
Where the water meets the sky

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