July 21, 2012
By AliceHatter BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
AliceHatter BRONZE, Canton, Michigan
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Waiting, sitting, watching you,
You take my breath away,
Away my eyes fly as you catch me,
Me wondering what lives in your thoughts,
Thoughts so mysterious and distant,
Distant we are, but close in heart,
Hearts beats faster from glances,
Glances turn into stares,
Stare between you and I,
I want to hear you speak,
Speak to me and I’ll try my voice,
Voice may waver, but I try to be strong,
Strong is this unspoken connection,
Connection deeper than a look,
Look at your hair tucked behind your ear,
Ear used to music and words,
Words could charge this up,
Up to you to come half-way here,
Here we are staring almost moving from each other,
Otherwise we will always be,
Be nothing in a suspended state,
State what you think.
Think of the truth in these lines,
Lines may be drawn soon,
Soon I hope you will come,
Come to a common place, there I will be waiting.

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