My Nature

July 21, 2012
It’s not in my nature to want,
But I watch you struggle and crawl,
I can’t help; it is not in my power,
Just stop, Come to me
Find your peace,
But it’s not in my nature to want.

It’s not in my nature to need,
I have no feelings of proudness or greed,
I need no comfort, no love, no warmth,
I need no hope, I need no one.
My face stays dry, no emotions crosses,
And when asked for everything, I am at no loss.
My act shall be flawless,
My make-up shall not crack,
No holes for you to see the joy I lack,

I don’t want or feel or need,
Not in public or in deed,
But in my mind I cross the boundaries,
I feel my heart aching, my longing grow,
My want and need to let you go,
But I can’t.
I don’t want to, I love you so.
But it is not in my nature to want.
Or need,
So in a polite and light voice, I will ask you to leave.
My words will be cruel, they will be clean,
But if you are observant, you will see my last hopes leave.
Still you will go like the one before, and the one after,
Yet you won’t mind, you will drown it in laughter.
I do not want or feel or need,
When I am gone, you won’t remember,
You may even ask who was she.

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