July 21, 2012
By niecsa1 BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
niecsa1 BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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If the wind could talk
Or walk or move
Disprove past judgement
Because the leaves and trees interpret what the wind is saying
With every rustle is a new tussle between the sun and the moon
In June, the Leaves are still
for the wind is absent
Calm an slow breeze flows with ease
Capital E’s that spell elegant and extravagant
A picture is painted with every crust in a fallen leave
Every break in the oak tree
Keys to absolute wonder
Just outside our doors
Slick tile floors have no match for grounded soil
While loyal life is birthed out of the crevasse of new earth
While critters clean up litters cause there is a food chain
Rain or precipitation is mother to plAnts and weeds
Feed black brothers lungs in hope of redemption
Inhaling thick smoke hanging around folks from next door
In the core of the earths mantle there is boiling
Foiling destineys with some girl name destiny while she’s having baby’s named faith and honey
Funny how the earth provides
But takes in forms of earthquakes and hurricanes
But gives with jewels and pearls to hand over to girls with curls in hopes of getting lucky
When you have another girl in Kentucky who says she’s having your baby
And maybe taking you to court for child support, when you just lost your job because of the economy
Is it wrong of me to want something more
For my future children then other children
I want them to give and take equally
Frequently so they are successfull
Restfull souls have found gold in others hearts for less
But the earth has mysterious ways
Drawing different paths from where it lays

The author's comments:
Sometimes i feel the wind talks to me.

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