My Echo, Shadow, Twin

July 21, 2012
Like peas in a pod,
Two Friendly B****es,

My Echo has Disappeared....
The Grand to my Canyon,
The extra shovel I have has no one to use it....

My Shadow is no where to be seen,
Blending into things I cannot see...
Which will never cross...

My Twin, look alike,
The Other me, but not me...
I see myself, yet now I do not...

Will i have you by my side again?
My Idea Lady,
The other Me?

Will I see you again?
When the Sun is high,
The Moon is Full,
Wind blowing,

To touch the stars,
could not compare,
How i miss you...

Do you miss me?

I can't wait to say....
Welcome Home....

Goodbye may seem forever,
Farewell is like the end,
Later is far to long,
So I'll just do my vanishing act...

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