You (Forgetting)

July 21, 2012
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Maybe we were once something
Well not so much something
But we happened. Maybe we happened.
No. We definitely happened.
I’ll never forget
That we happened.
But do I really want to?
Do I really want to forget you?

Oh God I do, I wish my memories could rot
Like a discarded fruit, not wanted, nor needed
Just thrown to the ground completely unheeded
But it needn’t care for it shan’t
Have to bear the memories that I go through.
The memories that are so heavy and hard
That were caused by the existence of you.

If it weren’t for the fact that you were so much
What I felt was good and real and true
Maybe this pain so illogically felt
Wouldn’t be so accompanied by you.

But it is. Oh is it!
And it’s deep. Real deep.
But it can’t be felt. Just noticed.
It’s an emptiness. A loneliness.
A great big hole, a great big gap
That I can’t possibly fill
But it’s real and it’s true
Just like you.

You! Oh you!
Oh ever-so-perfect you!
You just had to happen didn’t you!?
If only we never happened
And I never ever knew
Of this thing
So real and true!

This thing that causes me pain
That drives me insane
That I can’t forget
That I won’t let
Go. Even though
It discards me like rotten fruit
I will never let it go
Because even when
Time and time again
It hurts me through and through
I know one inescapable fact.

I know that this thing is you.

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