The Poem

July 21, 2012
I thought I’d make some poetry
Just weave it out of words
Sewing together the brilliant cloths
My name stitched in the corner

Then I made the cloth a lullaby
And sang it to the stars
Drowning out the noise and bustle
For diamonds of the sky

Then I gathered it from the garden
Rose, violet, tulip, more
Sweet floral fragrance, fresh and soft
Natural perfume to treat the earth

Then I put it on an ice cream cone
And give each child a lick
Topped with sweet, colorful sprinkles
Sugary smiles in return

Then I brushed and washed its hair a while
Made it a handsome coat
Soft as a kitten’s fluffy fur
And warm as a setting sun

Last I put it on some paper
And handed it to you
In hopes that it would warm your heart
And brighten your day too.

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