The Bloody War

July 21, 2012
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You watch a bloody battle rage around you,
As you try to dodge the bullets that whiz by you
Fear grips your heart and asks
Will I die this day?
Will I go out this way?
The going is slow
as you are facedown in the dirt, muck and sand.
Not daring to stand
You can’t feel you feet!
You listen to your heart beat.
As the enemy grows near
so does your fear
You watch as they shoot one solider
and set fire to another.
You lay still as can be
You ask God if it is to be
That you’re found that they will kill you quickly
You hear the sounds all around you
Every cry of your comrades.
You hear the screams, the shouts, the guns,
As they come a little closer to finding you.
But a the grace of God has prevailed has they move away from you.
Your on the move .
You made sure it’s some what safe before you do.
You body aches!
Your legs are stiff,
but you mange to make you way down the small cliff.
You find a alcove
Filled with six friends,
Not foe.
They bid you to sit down,
But the patrols in the water see
Your knee sticking out.
They give a shout and take aim.
They don’t miss.
There is no place to go but the ocean below.
You jump to save your brother in arms.
You know you dieing fighting.
You died free.
Your were free to chose what you wanted to be,
A United States Marine

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