It Was Just a Dream....

July 21, 2012
I'm waiting for the day,
when I finally wake up.
This dream is so long,
so real.
I can feel everything that goes on between us.
Every word.
Every touch.
Every kiss.
Every laugh.
The last time we kissed,
I gripped onto the back of your shirt,
I needed to hold a piece of reality.
It felt so...real,
yet unreal.
Unrealistic, this reality,
Could be happening to the most
unperfect girl around.
A beautiful, green-eyed,
hot, totally muscled,
stood before her...
He even told her he loved her,
calling her "his girl."
How did this happen?
It couldnt...
No. It could.
Because it's a dream.
I'm just waiting,
for the underlying,
unbearable pain,
of waking up.
The thought even scares me a little,
this dream seems forever lasting.
When will it end?
Does it end?
I could enjoy sleeping through life if it was like this..
This man,
this jaw-dropping man,
hes surprisingly real.
ALL real...
and all mine.
He devotes his life to me.
He loves me.
He wants to be with me until the end of time.
I love him.
I adore him.
I put the sparkle in his eyes,
the warmth in his heart,
and the smile on his face.
I love it.
If he read this,
he would say:
"Baby Girl, this isn't a dream. This is your world, and we just happen to be living in it."

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