What's In a Name?

July 21, 2012
"What's in a name...?" You would start with each day,

To win me over, to see your face,

In the morning light, always smiling, saying "It's alright".

Knowing the hands of yours, write me the papers,

Even to be just by candlelight.


A mistake to be, Changed everything.

Neither of us sure, as to what just happened,

Just knowing it crushed our worlds,

I'm still the same old girl,

Who opened to door, how it all started,

Orange sweater, Purple scarfed,

Only difference is, Brokenhearted..


What's the difference now?

I won't give up, you shut me out.

To know you stopped trying,

Left me down crying...

"It's really done" I think.

I know you know, "We just lied to each other"


Don't say I didn't warn you about who I am,

I told you, I told you, but you didn't listen..

The thing about this, when it comes to an end,

There's nothing we can do to fix it again.

There's battles, and arguments,

Fights, and Wars.

It only changed what once was ours.~

Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust,

we let the memories lie there and rust.

What once was ours, and once was "Us",

So tell me, my friend, my once thought love

"What's in a name.." we once called ourselves...

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