From the window

July 21, 2012
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Does it make any difference if curtains were closed?
Closed like a young flower within petals

Wish the grass that I see was not parched
Wish the heart was filled with more excess

Excess of love, peace and calmness
What is life as it seems from my window?

Is it a myth that I believe as if real?
Why can’t I see the cuckoo bird?

It sings around as very happy n glee
It strikes my mind like a melody

can’t reach the sky so high with conflicts of light
Why I look at the sun when it troubles the eye?

From the window, window of my heart
Why I see the world so willfully?

Is it my negativity or the circumstances I dealt with?
The in unrest soul asks my heart why?

Why do you search of something illusory?
Why do you look for something cursory?

Soul’s cries listen O’ dear heart listen
Heart feels undone as soul pats it

Oh! What a blessing I have a window
A window to see my realm from heart’s sight

Broken heart, broken glass, broken scenes I see
Heart sees it all from the way not supposed to be

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