July 21, 2012
By Anonymous

I dropped the phone with your Mother crying on the other side,
Speechless and motionless I sat on My bed,
Every night I cry out for you
But never do you answer,
I hate the driver and your choice,
You could have been here like you Said,
Mother's day is no more,
How are we supposed to care with You gone,
Andrew I miss the long night talks,
The future we planned,
We were young but everyone knew,
Our connection was a love most People dreamed of,
I ask why when I know the answer,
Once choice and you may have been With me today,
I promise you know I'll wear my Seat belt and live a long happy Life,
But Andrew the songs we named ours
Will still be ours,
The memories we once had will Always be in my heart,
And you will always be the one I Love.
As painful as this is these words
Are the only way for to say my Last goodbye.

The author's comments:
My best friend Andrew R. passed away May 12,2012.
It was the night before mothers day. His mom called me the morning of mothers day right after she found out I was second to know. His choice of not wearing a seat belt was what killed him...The diver was fine but my best friend gone forever.
R.I.P Andrew march 15,1996-may 12,2012

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